Welcome! We are the World Health Forum 21 (WHF21)

With the upcoming efforts of the pro-COVID-19 vaccine group to intensify their attempts to vaccinate every single person on earth, and even to start the 3rd round of booster vaccinations and vaccinations of children and infants, a coordinated approach of all groups worldwide to provide information e.g. about therapeutic and prophylactic approach is urgently needed.

Therefore, we – a global group of health professionals – have developed the idea of bringing all these professional groups together on a common platform to exchange ideas in a protected environment. The topics covered will include “prophylaxis and therapy protocols for COVID-19” and “therapy protocols for vaccine injuries”.

We invite the public to join our partners the World Council For Health with their affiliates. Individuals are very welcome to sign up for the WCFH newsletter. The list of members is constantly and the WCFH is happy to put their work at the service of humanity and coexistence in love, peace and democracy.

The World Council for Health is an coalition, that by September 2021 includes over 50 health-focused groups from around the world. They will provide refreshingly honest medical advice during the covid health emergency and for many other matters of health now and in the future.

One of the World Council for Health’s fundamental principles is to build trust with the public. Confidence in public institutions has been eroding, so The World Council for Health has established itself to be completely independent of governments, pharmaceutical companies and other financial and political stakeholders. In this way the WCFH is free to promote factual and effective health care advice.

In stark contrast to the constant stream of alarming messages fed to the public by governments and other institutions, the World Council for Health offers much hope.

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